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Spider Silk from Spidey Tek

A Car Made From Spider Silk

Characteristics of Spider Silk

Spidey Tek's
spider silk
as featured on

Stan Lee's Superhumans

Intellectual Property



Spidey Tek’s Chief Science Officer, Randy Lewis PhD is a worldwide authority on spider silk structure and production. Dr. Lewis has published over 80 Peer Reviewed Scientific papers and conducted hundreds of lectures and symposiums on this subject in his thirty plus years of spider silk research and teaching,



The patents filed fully protect the mass production of the company’s core products and applications. These patents and claims of use are wide ranging and detailed. In addition, Spidey Tek holds three global trade marks. SPIDEY, SPIDEY TEK and ARACHNO.

More at: Spideytek 

Spider Silk Production

Genetic Engineering

Through the marvels of genetic engineering, we have been able to identify all the spider genes that code for the production of spider silk proteins and have placed these spider genes in the leaves of the alfalfa plants to produce our Spider Silk proteins.  


These patented methods of generating large commercial quantities of Real Spider Silk proteins to produce endless products and applications are not a dream, they are a fact.


Millions of acres of alfalfa are grown in the Western United States. This makes Spidey Tek’s access to hundreds of tons of Real Spider Silk proteins readily available,  


At a net $0.00 cost to Spidey Tek.. The spider silk enhanced alfalfa crops are harvested 8-10 times per year from fields that grow over and over again up to 5 years without replanting. The harvested alfalfa is sent through a non-polluting, eco-friendly process.


The spider silk proteins are separated and purified into a fine, white powder that can be used in hundreds of products, components and applications. The sale of the by-products created from the spider silk proteins extraction and purification process are sold as animal feed, which in turn pays for the entire cycle from alfalfa to Spider Silk proteins


At Spidey Tek, we have developed a proprietary wet spinning process to mass produce a spider silk fiber stronger than Carbon Fiber, Steel or Aluminum. See video on the Home page for further explanation..

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